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Vermiculite : 1 KG

SPM organic vermiculite is beneficial to use in the soil as it enhances aeration in soil and prevents root rot while still retaining moisture and nutrients. Especially the plant cuttings, seeds, cactus and succulent plants show faster growth in them.

This product can be used in all types of soil mixes for its unique benefits.


  • Store in a dry place
  • Keep away from the reach of the children and pets
  • Consult physician if ingested


  • Odorless Eco friendly chemical freePrevents root rot in soil holds moisture and nutrients does not change soil pH


  • Use to fill pots alone / with soil (Depends on plant)Can be used to amend soil in already potted plants
  • Use in equal amount if using along with soil alone
  • Works even better if used along with soil and others Can be used in seed starter mixes
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