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SPM Organic – Vermicompost is a high quality 100% organic product for gardening and organic farming.
It is a humic-acid rich compost prepared by decomposition of organic waste by earthworms and rich in plant growth promoters like cytokinins and auxins, along with increased levels of micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, and sulphur.
– Vermicompost is used as Plant nutrition, conditioner, and fertiliser.
– Vermicompost functions to add humus and organic matter to the soil providing bioavailable nutrients to the plants, and increasing soil tilth.
– Vermicompost helps with water infiltration and retention while buffering excessive acid or alkaline soil conditions.
– This Vermicompost has elements like Neemcake i.e. to protect the plant from a fungicide, insects, red ants & common house ants, Other ingredients like Perlite and Vermiculite i.e. to keep the compost loose for proper aeration, seaweeds i.e. to add essential microorganism to help plant in growth.
– Vermicompost helps store nutrients and keeps them safe from leaching and irrigation.
Care Instructions :
Store in cool and dry place Keep this product away from the reach of the Children & Pets.
If ingested, consult physician immediately
This pack is sufficient for a plant potted in a pot having a 5-6 inch upper diameter for 1 year
Improves soil quality Helps to balance soil pH
Completely organic product 100%
Application – Use?
For potted plants, apply 250-500 g Vermicompost at the plant base away from the main stem 3-4 times a year Use in equal proportion with soil while filling pots
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