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Murraya paniculata commonly known as Orange Jasmine or orange jessamine is a tropical evergreen plant native to southern China, Taiwan, the Indian sub-continent .The species is extensively grown as an ornamental tree or hedge. Murraya is closely related to Citrus, and bears small white flowers followed by small orange to red fruit resembling kumquats, though some cultivars do not set fruit.

Pot Size: 6 inch polybag

Plant size: 18 inches

Water Cycle: Daily

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It grows best in direct sun lighting.

It can survive in extreme conditions too like 40-50 C.

Potting Mix
You can use our natural potting mix or you can use peat moss with sandy soil but drained well.

Orange Jasmine is used both in traditional medicine as an analgesic and for wood (for tool handles).Decoction of the leaves is taken to treat bruises, chronic dysentery, stomach ache, swellings and skin irritations in Chinese medicine.
It is also used to relieve pain.
Leaves are also used in other countries as a tonic, to cure toothache and herpes and to expel tapeworms in Malaysia.

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