Money Tree


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Money Tree loves moisture, but never let it stand in water.

Water Cycle: Once in 3 days

Pot Size: 6 inches

Plant Size: 18 inches

Plant Care: Easy

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It does not require direct sunlight. A Money Tree grows best in medium to bright indirect light. This plant even does well under fluorescent lights.

The best temperatures are 68 to 77 F. (20-25 C.).

Potting Mix
You can use our natural potting mix or you can use peat moss.

If you’re exploring indoor trees for your home but aren’t sure where to begin, trust us when we say that the Pachira Aquatica is the tree you want. It is virtually kill-proof, relatively tidy, and grows as large (or as small) as you want.

You can read more about plants & plant care on

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