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It does not require direct sunlight. it grows best in medium to bright indirect light. .Direct sunlight can burn the leaves. This plant even does well under fluorescent lights.

The best temperatures are 68 to 77 F. (20-25 C.).
But it can survive in extreme conditions too like 30-35 C.

Potting Mix
You can use our natural potting mix or you can use peat moss with sandy soil but drained well. Make sure that you provide a good drainage system to your  plant.

A major reason as to why it’s such a popular houseplant is because it matches any style – modern, contemporary, coastal, country-chic, and more! It’s a surefire way to update a room and add style without the hassle and resources required with renovating.
Not only is this plant aesthetically appealing, but it’s functional. The broad, violin-shaped leaves make it a highly efficient air purifying plant. So you can breathe easier in your home or office knowing that your live Fiddle Leaf Fig plant will remove common toxins from the air, such as formaldehyde, dioxins, and more.

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