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Bone Meal Qty : 1 KG

Bone meal as the name suggests is made from ground-up animal bones. Bone meal is generally used by gardeners to increase phosphorous content in the soil. This is also a good source of calcium. Bone meal also aids in balancing phosphorous content in nitrogen-rich organic manure.

Care Instructions

  • Wear gloves/masks if you are allergic to fertilizers.


  • This pack is sufficient for 10-15 plants potted in a pot having a 5-6 inch diameter for approx. 2 years
  • Eco-friendly, No chemicals
  • Easy application
  • Better fruit and flower quality

How To Use?

  • Fertilize the plant with a bone meal during the active growing season or in the spring.
  • Garden plant for 2-3 kg of bone meal per 100 square feet.
  • In pots, apply bone meal every 8-9 months in a circular manner around the plant but away from the main stem and water.
  • 12 tablespoons for small plants 2 tablespoons for medium plants 56 tablespoons for large potted plants
  • Do you have a potted plant? Bone meal can be used with any nitrogen rich compost
  • You can also add it to potting soil before planting new plants in pots
  • You can use it directly in existing pots


  • Keep it away from the reach of the children and Pets.
  • Store in cool and dry place.
  • Consult physician immediately if ingested.
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