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Common Plant Name Dypsis lutescens
Generic Plant Name Areca Palm Plant
Plant discription – 2 lines The areca palm, also known as the yellow butterfly palm and golden cane palm, is one of the simplest palm species to cultivate in Indonesia. The leaves are evergreen, finely textured, and yellow-green in colour.
Size 6 inch pot size | 12 inch plant size
Light Required It does not require direct sunlight. Areca palm grows best in medium to bright indirect light. .Direct sunlight can burn the leaves. This plant even does well under fluorescent lights.
Water Required Indoor areca palm maintenance is simple, Water them frequently enough in the spring and summer to keep the soil moderately damp, and leave the soil to dry slightly between waterings in the fall and winter.
Best Location Palm plants thrive in corners and near windows, but there should be no glass doors or windows.
Maintinance Areca Palm do not require much maintenance, It is an easy to grow plant.
Special Feature Areca palm plants help in absorbing indoor air pollutants like acetone, xylene, and toluene which emits from petroleum products and paints, and wooden furniture. Harmful gases like toluene and xylene etc cause developmental problems in children and foetuses in pregnant women. This plant helps in minimising these gases from the indoor environment.
Growth and Care – plant name Make the environment in which your palm is located a little more humid to help it develop. Sunlight is a critical aspect in the growth rate of an Areca Palm; to guarantee that it grows as quickly as possible, keep it in a well-lit place but out of direct sunlight.
Watering – Plant name Twice a week
Nutrition – Plant name You can use our natural potting mix or you can use peat moss with sandy soil but drained well. Make sure that you provide a good drainage system to your palm plant.

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