Why plant die in 45 degree temperature

Plants and Emotions

Plants Behave in all sorts of ways and react to many different types of stimuli. Some people believe that plants have emotions as they grow better when spoken to or when music is playing nearby, and that’s true.

Plants and Emotions

According to Mr. Yogender saini (Horticulturist)

Plants love music so much, wherever music is played whether its in Temples, Home, Bar, Office Party hall etc. You can definitely notice a shiny leaf and healthy stem/body of plants, and as we all know plants produce 100% positive vibrations and Oxygen 24×7.

Plants absorbs the vibrations of home and produce positive vibration as you can notice, A home having a bad atmosphere (People fighting, Talking to each other rudely) can’t have healthy plants, Plants can sense emotion too. It was a study being done on 2 indoor plants.

Plants and emptions

The person talks nice to Plant A and talks rude and harsh with plant B, after 15 days a slight notice was seen, this practice continues for 15 more days. After one month

Plants and emptions

These were the results.

So without a doubt its also been Scientifically and Practically proven that plant do sense the environment. Plants can sense water, light, and gravity — they have emotions, they can even defend themselves and send signals to other plants to warn that danger is here, or near.

Experiencing Connection and Positivity with Plants

As a matter of fact you may have also noticed that if you get back, tired from office, Exhausted and if you had a bad day. So after reaching your home if you enter in a space where some plants are being planted, you will notice within 2-3 minutes you will able to lose your 30% to 40% of your botheration, headache and you will feel more energetic and good this is because the plant produce oxygen and positive vibrations, those vibes and freshness catches your attention and mind’s concentration. 

It is similar as you guys feel after visiting our nursery or any other lush green nursery or garden, You just Feel good! Right? (Comment Below)

In 1970 Peter Tompkins & Christopher bird, authors of the best-selling book “The secret life of plants” , Claimed that plants did indeed have emotions and intuitive capabilities, Although the book is a fascinating read. It has taken years of serious study & experiments for plant behaviour hypotheses to hold water under scientific scruting.

Plants Produce Positive Vibrations

The relationship between humans and plants traced dates back to prehistoric times. Even long before the microscope was invented, ancient people used to keep plants indoors. The Vedic literature has evidence of plants having a positive effect on your home.

Plants and emptions

The most powerful and positive plant is “Kalpvriksh” as many sadhus mahatmas used to stay and meditate in the trunk of this tree. Moreover Kalpvriksha is also considered as the most Auspicious, Religious, Powerful and wish-fulfilling divine tree. (Comment below, If you want to read a proper article about Kalpvriksh)

So it’s a fact that plant can sense, (Click here to see how a plant sense) we should be gentle and behave friendly with plants, Knowing about the nature of plant is also very essential while buying plant, we have seen people buying plant without knowing about them, that’s a bad practice. So we should buy plants and take care of them as they take care of us in reverse.

the shocking experiment proves plants & trees can see, have emotions, memory & reacts to environment

Plantack Blogs are really nice, helped me understand many things about plants, and they provide useful information, easy to digest, Thanks…
― Manisha Saini – PhD Zoology 

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